Climate Controlled Units

Climate controlled storage is a great way to guard your belongings
by controlling the climate in which they’re stored

Climate Controlled Units

The best way to store your valuable items is with a climate controlled storage room because the temperature and humidity are moderated. This prevents extreme temperature fluctuations which can cause damage and deterioration. So, regardless of the outside conditions, items kept in climate controlled units are not impacted. Needless to say, climate controlled storage may not be the right solution for you, since there is typically a higher cost associated with it. In the end, the decision depends upon what you’re storing and the time of year. A consistent environment is really what makes climate controlled storage so appealing. We’re able to keep these individual unit temperatures regulated throughout the year. People tend to nervous about storing items where extreme fluctuations in temperature between the winter and summer months exist. Living in New York, you probably know this can cause damage to your belongings. The most common reason our tenants select climate controlled units is to store irreplaceable items.  Our team of experts will assist you in determining if climate controlled storage is best for you. Give us a call (914) 241-7070

Climate Controlled Units: Does It Really Offer The Best Protection?

It Helps Prevent Mold and Mildew From Forming Controlling mold and mildew depends largely upon right temperature and right humidity. There’s a narrow tolerance in what’s generally considered “ideal conditions”. Temperature is important, but its really the relative humidity that matter most. Don’t make the decision blindly. We’re happy to discuss what you’ll be storing to help you decide which units offer the best option taking into consideration availability, season and price. Our team has years of experience in storing thousands of delicate and irreplaceable items and we’ll help you make a decision that you feel comfortable with.
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Climate Controlled Units

Climate Controlled Storage Rooms

Climate controlled units provide the near “perfect” storage environment, regardless of the outside temperature

Our Door-to-Store service makes it easy to get your clothes out of your house and into your private climate controlled unit.

climate controlled wine storage westchester
Climate Controlled Units

Climate Controlled Units For Wine Enthusiasts

Climate controlled units moderated temperature is ideal for year round wine storage.

climate controlled antiques storage westchester
Climate Controlled Units
Preserving Antiques In Climate Controlled Units
Antiques need to be stored away from the damage the outside elements can cause. Basements, attics and garages don’t provide the ideal conditions because the outside elements have a great impact on the temperature and humidity. We suggest getting your valuable antiques out of your home and into a climate controlled storage unit.

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Climate Controlled Units
Computers, Screens and Consumer Electronics
Computers and other electronic equipment is very sensitive to moisture. The smallest traces of moisture can cause damage damage to circuits when you turn the device on. Audio and video equipment, computer parts and other electronics need to be stored in climate controlled storage units to prevent moisture related problems.

climate controlled clothing storage westchester
Climate Controlled Units
Clothing Is Best Kept In Climate Controlled Storage
Clothing easily discolors when high levels of humidity are present. Fabrics tend to yellow. Humidity also tends to cause odors. Keeping clothing looking and smelling great requires selecting a climate controlled storage unit.

climate controlled media storage westchester
Climate Controlled Units
Preserving Media Storage In A Climate Controlled Unit
Media storage devices are delicate. Moisture and temperature fluctuations can permanently damage the storage devices. We recommend a climate controlled unit for software, videos, disc and photo storage.

climate controlled med supply storage westchester
Climate Controlled Units
Medical Supply & Equipment Storage
Pharmaceutical reps need a climate controlled environment to protect their product lines. Likewise other medical equipment and supply reps should consider the benefits of climate controlled storage for warehousing and protecting their product lines.

climate controlled paperwork storage westchester
Climate Controlled Units
Important Papers and Business Records Require Climate Controlled Units
Important business and personal documents such as historical tax filings degrade quickly when stored in standard self-storage units.

The 7 Most Important Reasons To Use Climate Controlled Storage

Reasons to consider a climate controlled storage unit

1. Replacing Your Belongings Is Very Expensive
It can be very expensive to replace your most valuable belongings.
2. Some Of Your Belongings Are Irreplaceable
Irreplaceable items require a climate controlled unit provide the necessary protection.
3. Providing The Ideal Conditions When You Access Your Unit
Climate controlled storage keeps the unit at an ideal temperature for you when you access your unit.
4. Extended Rental Terms
People often need to extend the term of their storage lease and by selecting a climate controlled self storage unit you’ll be protecting the belongings for the long-term, even when you didn’t originally forecast the need to.
5. The Best Way To Protect Delicate And Fragile Items
Moderated climate creates the best conditions for your delicate or fragile items.
6. Moderated Temperature
Climate controlled units moderate the temperature to reduce fluctuations.
7. No Exposure To The Weather 
Climate controlled storage units near me are in located in the building’s interior, free from the damaging affects of the outside temperature and weather.

How To Maximize Your Climate Controlled Storage Unit

10 steps to get the most out of climate controlled storage

1. Organize Boxes By Room or Season (Kitchen, Bath, Winter Clothes or Christmas)
2. Number Each Box
3. Place Your Name and Phone Number On each Box
4. List Each Box By Number On A Piece Of Paper
5. Take The Time To Measure Each Box
6. Place Items Into The Unit According To A Plan
7. The Items You Need Most Go In Front
8. Use Shelves To Raise Items Off The Floor If Possible
9. Tightly Pack And Secure Each Box
10. Clearly Label “Fragile” Items

Climate And It’s Effect On Your Items In Storage


The amount of water vapor in the air is referred to as humidity.

As humidity increases items tend to expand, then shrink as humidity levels decrease. A common problem is that items like wood tend to crack. Mold is perhaps the biggest problem caused by high levels of humidity. Books, electrical components, computers and fabrics are particularly vulnerable.

Where you choose to store things in and around your home can often make a big difference. The highest levels of humidity tend to be the attic, garage and basement. Using a humidifier or dehumidifier can help offset the humidity.


Items expand in heat and contract in the cold. Cracking is often the result. As temperatures increase bugs and pest problems increase.


The sun causes damage across the spectrum of light (UVA, UVB and visible light). Fading and discoloration are often the result.


Rainwater tends to mix with dirt and when tracked into the home it ruins furniture, rugs and other household items.


Road salt used to melt the snow can damage furniture and clothing.


Fall clean up brings dirt and unwelcome pests into your home.

Fluctuating Temperatures And The Issues For Storage Near Me

  • Changes in temperatures can cause expansion and contraction of many materials
  • Fabrics discolor and pick up odors
  • Paper yellows and curls
  • Heat and humidity lead to mold and mildew.
  • Moisture causes rust and corrosion
  • Dampness affects electrical circuits.
  • Photos fade
  • Bugs are common

Many of our self storage units near me in Westchester are temperature controlled. What that means is that the rooms cooled in the summer and heated in the winter. This helps protect valuables from extreme fluctuations in temperature. These rooms help protect your items from coldest and hottest temperatures.

The most popular storage units are increasingly becoming Climate Controlled Units.

How Climate Impacts Your Belongings

What exactly is humidity? Humidity refers to the amount of water vapor in the air.

Excess humidity causes problems. It causes items to swell as humidity increases and shrink as it decreases. This can result in cracking. Mold and mildew thrive as humidity increases. Its greatest impact is upon wood, clothing, books, electrical components, computers and other delicate items such as fabric and leather.

Where you store things can make all the difference. People don’t realize that certain locations in their home are more prone to higher levels of humidity than others. Often the attic, garage and basement have the highest humidity levels, particularly in summer months. So, if you’re keeping your items at home, consider investing in a humidifier or dehumidifier, depending upon the conditions of the room

Temperature extremes can play havoc on your belongings. Items expand in hot weather and contract in the cold. The swelling and shrinking can cause cracking, ruin finishes and ruin paper, fabric and other delicate items.

Pest problems also increase as temperatures and humidity rise.

The sun does damage across the spectrum of light (UVA, UVB and visible light) often more than people realize. Rooms in your home with a lot of sunlight tend to see the fading and discoloration of fabric.
Rainwater tracked into the home causes damage. It can ruin furniture, damage rugs and bedding. Often it’s not just the rainwater, but dirt, mud and pests as well.
With snow comes moisture. There’s also winter elements such as road salt used to melt the snow. Together, they’re tracked into your home and can damage your rugs, furniture and bedding.
Autumn clean up can bring moisture, dirt and unwelcome pests into your home, which can ruin fabrics, clothing, paper and furniture.

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