Free Pick Up In Westchester

Free pick up is a service we’ve offered at Westchester Self Storage for several years and rolled out across all of our Westchester County locations

Tarrytown Self Storage - Reasons To Consider Our Free Pick Up Service

Free Pick Up

A Unique Service From Westchester Self Storage

Let us eliminate your stress. Moving into storage isn’t complicated or stressful for those that take advantage of our Free Pickup Service. Give Westchester Self Storage’s team a call and we’ll help you decide if this service is right for you. 

The service includes free pick up of your items and for many. We have people utilizing the service everyday for their long-term and temporary self storage needs.

We’re happy to spend as much time as you need deciding on a storage unit that best suits your requirements.  We carry a full line of moving supplies, boxes and packing tape to make organizing your unit a simple, efficient process.

Our Free Pickup Service has been refined over the years and takes us less than 10 minutes explain. So give us a call to see if it’s a good fit for you!

An Alternative To Traditional Self Storage

A traditional self storage facility leaves the tenant to take care of everything on their own. That typically involves renting a moving truck and asking friends and family to help them move. If that doesn’t work, they’re left trying to find a reputable and affordable moving company.

Westchster Self Storage’s Free Pickup Service provides a great, free alternative.

With our Free Pick Up Service, you can eliminate on the most stressful life events, moving yourself into your unit.

Give us a call and let’s discuss whether or not Our Free Pick Up Service is the right choice for you!

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Westchster Unit Rental Over The Phone

Renting A Storage Unit Over The Phone, Really?

Yes, renting a private, tenant-only accessible self storage unit over the phone is possible! In fact we have people doing just that every day.

Our manager and staff are so experienced in the rental process that they’re prepared to walk you through the process of renting a unit that meets all of your requirements in just a few minutes over the phone.

Our phone-based rental process frees you from having to visit us in person. We’ll explain our free pick up service and provide you with available options when we speak.

We try to stay ahead of the curve and respond to our tenants’ requests, providing unique services like Free PickUp to make the storage rental experience a better one.

Need Further Clarification? Stop In Or Call.

Doing business over the phone isn’t right for everyone. If you’re the type of person that likes to see the whole package before making your selection, that’s something we completely understand. The whole Westchster Self Storage family is here to assist you. We’ve helped thousands of families and business owners declutter their homes and offices since 1997 and we welcome the opportunity to meet you.

Everyone’s situation is unique and as a family owned and managed business, we pride ourselves on listening and getting to know each of our tenants. Chances are we’ve dealt with a circumstance similar to your’s over the past 20 + years. We’re prepared to spend as much time as you need getting the answers to each one of your questions.

So, give us a call or make an appointment to stop in.

Selecting A Storage Room And Preparing To Move

We’ll guide you and hold your hand through the process. We’ve taken much of the complexity out of the equation and as a result, we’ve made the moving and storage rental process a very simple one. In fact, we’ve gotten so proficient over the years, we able to explain everything in just a few minutes with you.

Save Time And Money With This Great Service.

Simply give us a call at (941) 241-7070 and we’ll walk you through the service options.

Once you’re ready then contact us or give us a call. So whether this is local in town move or one from outside Westchester, let our Westchester Self Storage team handle all of your needs.

4 Reasons To Use Our Free Pick Up Service

FREE transportation to one of our self storage facilities near you in Westchester County is something we offer. You simply need to get your belongings ready and give us a call 914-241-7070 and so we can arrange to come pick them up.

Time Is Limited

You’re busy and don’t have much time on your hands and would prefer us to pick up your items.

Friends And Family Aren’t An Option

Whether you’re new to Westchester and don’t have friends or family to help you move or you simply don’t want to ask them for help, a free pickup option works for you.

You Just Moved Or Are Moving To Westchester

If you’re new to Westchester you may not know anyone to help you.

Moving Yourself Isn’t An Option

For whatever reason you can’t or don’t want to move yourself.

Why Other Tenants Used Our Free Pick Up Service?

They Didn’t Want To Ask Family and Friends For Help Many people feel uncomfortable asking their friends and family for assistance.

They Don’t Have A Truck or Van And Don’t Want To Rent One Many people don’t own a truck or a van and don’t want to have to rent one to move into a self storage unit.

Renting A Truck Isn’t Possible For Them Truck and vans are typically rented by the hour or day. Those fees can add up quickly. Car insurance may not cover truck or van rentals and the additional insurance can be costly.

They Don’t Know How To Drive A Truck Most people aren’t experienced driving a a moving truck and don’t want to learn, so that makes it an impossible option to consider.

Free Pick Up In Westchster

Got Questions?

Some people are apprehensive about contacting a self storage facility and arranging for a storage unit over the phone. Rest assured, our team has years of hands on experience having helped thousands of people just like you secure a moving truck and storage unit over the phone.

Simply give us a call at (914) 241-7070


Our Team Is Standing By Ready To Assist You