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There isn’t much we haven’t heard or seen over the past twenty years of self storage facility ownership and management in Westchester County. It all started right here in Westchster Hills back in 1997. Here are some great storage tips we share with our tenants.
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Tarrytown Self Storage - For many people, a storage unit is nothing more than that. A place to store things they may not need. However, this isn’t utilizing the storage unit to its fullest potential. Instead, great storage tips include treating your storage unit something like an office. If there are papers, books, and other things that you don’t need every day, but may need on occasion, then a storage unit is the perfect place for them. However, if you just toss these things into a box and call it a day, it will be difficult to find them in the future. Instead, consider purchasing a simple filing cabinet or a bookshelf. That way, you can organize your papers and books in such a way that you can get to them more easily, and you won’t have to dig around in boxes to find them. If you’re wanting to make the most out of your storage unit, keep these simple storage organization tips in mind. They’ll help you really utilize your storage unit in ways you may never have considered. After all, why rent a storage unit if you’re not going to make the most of it? There’d be no reason to! So don’t just treat it like a dumping ground for your stuff!
A list of self storage tips wouldn’t be complete without this very important one, filling every box to its capacity. While boxes should be filled, it’s important not to overfill them. When boxes are overfilled or under filled, they have a greater inclination to collapse when you stack them. A good rule of thumb is the larger the box, the lighter the contents. Pillows and light weight blankets can be packed in larger boxes for example. Heavy items like books and tools are best packed in small boxes. To protect fragile items like glasses, china and dishes wrap them in bubble wrap.
Planning is an essential part of any move, but particularly important for self storage. If you ever need to access items you place in storage, planning ahead will save you hours of frustration in the future. Documenting where everything is inside the unit is one of the most useful storage tips many people fail to consider. Place easily accessible items in front of your room to avoid climbing over other items of lesser importance. Creating aisles, particularly in larger storage rooms is often very helpful for organization. Don’t make a common mistake, packing items too close together. Storage tips to circulate air include leaving room between boxes and forming aisles.
One of the most important items on our list of storage tips is to label each box and its contents. This tip makes it much easier to identify which boxes contain the most important items you need either when you move out of the storage unit or when accessing the unit during your lease term. It just makes finding things much easier. How to best do accomplish this? We suggest you take the time to number each box. Put the box number on a sheet of paper or on an excel spreadsheet.
This is just one of many great self storage tips to help you when you move items from your home or office into one of our storage units.
Our best self storage tips come from our team’s discussions with tenants each year. Our team has years of experience helping others and listening to their needs. We listen to the feedback we get and that helps us provide all of our tenants insight so that they too can get the most out of their self storage rental experience. If you have any special needs, questions or concerns, we’re just a call away 9142417070
Many first time tenants fail to take the unit’s cubic dimensions into consideration. Many rooms, for example,  have ceilings of 8ft. If you don’t plan for this you’ll end up underutilizing the interior space. To get the most of the unit, be sure to consider its ceiling height. We consider this one of the self storage tips that most often gets overlooked.
Explosives, combustable chemicals and liquids are prohibited from self storage.
If you can take apart items liked bed frames and tables apart, it’s a good idea to do so. Not only does it make moving them much easier, it saves a lot of space inside the unit.
We strongly suggest wrapping your fragile items in bubble wrap, plastic or newsprint at the very least.
The best way to store your mattresses and boxsprings is to wrap them in strong plastic and then stack them on their sides. Place your cushions in plastic and/or into boxes and place them on top of your furniture. 

The best protection for your belongings is inside a climate controlled unit. These units help reduce damage and discoloration moderating the temperature of the room. This prevents extreme temperature fluctuations which can lead to mold and mildew. To learn more check out our climate controlled unit page.

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Simple Storage Tips For Organization

Many people look to self storage in order to move items out of their homes to free up space they’ve lost over the years. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to have at least one room or two that has become storage room. That just doesn’t make much sense, does it? Empty nesters who want to downsize find that a self storage unit provides the perfect solution because it allows them keep their possessions while freeing up much needed space, that now may be at a premium.
Regardless of your particular situation, self-storage tends to be the best way to declutter. The storage unit rental process begins with organizing the unit. It’s important to plan, otherwise you’ll simply be transitioning your clutter from your home to your storage unit. If you’re an experienced tenant or brand new one, we hope you’ll find these simple storage tips helpful.
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Don’t just throw your everything haphazardly into your unit like most people. You’ll regret that if you ever need to find something later. We advise taking time to create paths or aisles so that you can maneuver once inside the unit. This makes it much easier to find things in the future. Getting around your unit ensures that you’ll make the most it.
Size plays an important role in storage organization. By default, most people place their larger items in the back of the unit. They tend to believe those will be the items they’ll be less likely to need. In our experience, that’s seldom the case.
Odds are you’ll need access a variety of items, both large and small. Let’s say you need a file cabinet, but nothing else. If the file cabinet is situated at the back of the unit, you’ll need to pull almost everything out of the unit and into the hallway to get access to it. That can create a lot more work then you planned. It may be better for you place the file cabinet nearest the door.
Planning your different size belongings can make you much happier when it’s time to access them.

For most people, their storage unit is just that, a storage unit, a place to store things they don’t need, but don’t want to get rid of. Better storage tips include using the unit for papers, books, records, supplies and office equipment that you need occasionally, but not every day.

We suggest getting a filing cabinet, file boxes onto shelving or a bookshelf. Set one of these up inside the unit. This way when you need to access your important papers, all you have to do is open your unit and find what you need, instead of spending hours searching through boxes.

Keep these simple storage tips in mind and you’ll find you’re utilizing your storage unit in ways you may never thought of.

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We offer tenant protection. You can find more information on our storage units page or by calling us.

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